The ultimate go-to summer drink: Banana Berry Smoothies Recipe

 Smoothies are a great healthy breakfast drink, even better for the hot summer days.

Give a twist to your breakfast with a yummy banana berry smoothie made with So Good Almond Milk.


–   1 banana

–    1 cup of mixed berries

–    1 cup of baby spinach

–    1 tbs. of sunflower and pumpkin seeds

–    2 ¼ cups of So good Almond Fresh (natural unsweetened)

Prep: 5 min


–    Chop the banana and baby spinach and keep it aside.

–    Pour the So Good Almond Milk in a blender and add the chopped fruits and berries.

–    Blend the ingredients till it is smooth and thick.

–    Once done, pour in a glass and chill for some time.

Your yummy and healthy Banana Berry Smoothie made with So Good Almond Fresh is now ready to drink!


The 5 benefits of So Good Protein+ Soy Milk

Made with delicious plant-based protein, So Good Protein+ Soy milk is an unsweetened protein beverage which is perfect for everyday choice. The healthy drink helps in building muscle and it provides long-lasting energy. As compared to regular soy milk, So Good Protein+ Soy Milk has 25% more protein in it and it is fortified with calcium and essential vitamins.

So Good Protein+ soy milk is gluten and lactose free, and it has zero cholesterol with no preservatives. Here we give you five benefits of So Good Protein+ Soymilk:

  • 25% More Protein: AS compared to regular dairy milk, our so good protein+ soy milk has 25% more protein. This helps is building muscle and keeping our body strong.
  • High Source of Calcium- So Good protein+ soy milk is a nutritious and deliciously creamy milk beverage which is made with the goodness of soy. It has a high source of calcium, just perfect to keep your bones and teeth healthy.
  • 50% lower fat than toned milk: If you are looking for a healthy beverage with low fats, So Good Protein+ soy milk is the right choice for you. Our soy milk has 50% lower fat as compared to toned milk, this makes So Good Protein+ Soy Milk the right choice to keep your waistline in check.
  • Gluten and LactoseFree: Another benefit of so good protein+ soy milk is that it is gluten and lactose-free, this means people who are intolerant to lactose and gluten can replace their regular dairy drink with so good protein+ soy milk.
  • Zero Cholesterol: Low in saturated fat and high in fibre, our so good protein+ soy milk is cholesterol free and has no preservatives, which makes it an ideal dairy-free beverage for those who are a keeping a check on their cholesterol.

Choose So good Protein+ soy milk for your everyday morning breakfast.


The 5 health benefits of So Good Almond Fresh

So Good Almond Fresh which is made with ground almonds is low in calories but high in energy, fibre, and protein. It also contains some essential minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, and zinc. So Good Almond Fresh is a great dairy milk alternative for those who are intolerant to lactose or those people who are keeping a check on their diet. Due to its rich source of calcium and other essential minerals, it has the same amount of benefits as dairy milk, however a little higher in energy.

Here are 5 reasons on why So Good Almond Fresh is beneficial for your health:

  • High Source of Calcium: With a delicious nutty flavour, So Good Almond Fresh is high in calcium, which makes it a great replacement for those who might be missing out their calcium intake due to intolerant to dairy products and beverages.
  • 40% less calories than Skim milk: If you are keeping a track on your diet, So Good Almond Fresh can be a great breakfast drink option for you. Since it has 40% fewer calories, you can enjoy the healthy beverage without having to worry about the calories intake.
  • Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free: For those who are sensitive to gluten, this is the best dairy alternative for you. Our So Good Almond Fresh is gluten and lactose-free, the perfect healthy beverage.
  • Fortified with essentials vitamins: So Good Almond Fresh is made from quality almonds sourced in the US, which is fortified with essential vitamins. Replace your regular dairy milk with so good almond fresh for a healthy kickstart.
  • Zero Cholesterol and No preservatives: If you are on a lookout for a healthy beverage to keep a track of your weight, So Good Almond Fresh is the perfect alternative to your regular milk. It has zero cholesterol and no preservatives to help you stay healthy and fit.

Replace your regular milk with So Good Almond Fresh and kick start your day with a twist of energy and good taste. You can buy So Good Almond Fresh Online here.

Recipe: Cherry Yogurt Soy Smoothies made with So Good Protein+ Soy Milk

No one can refuse a yummy glass of smoothies at any time of the day. Be it for your breakfast or an afternoon treat, a glass of smoothies made with your favourite fruit or ingredient is sure to lift your mood. Smoothies are a healthy way to curb your hunger, and one can always experiment with a new ingredient to give a healthy twist. We are talking about cherry yogurt soy milk smoothies made with the best soy milk.


Here, you can try making the beverage using our So Good  Protein+ Soy Milk, it is the best soy milk available in Mumbai.


– 1 cup So Good Protein+ soy milk.

–    175 g of vanilla soy yogurt.

–    2 small scoops of berry sorbet.

–    1 cup of frozen pitted cherries (partially frozen).


–    Take a blender.

–    Blend all the ingredients i.e. the So Good Protein+ soy milk, yogurt and cherries together until it is smooth.

–    Pour the smoothies in a glass and let it chill for half an hour.

–    Your yummy Cherry Yogurt Soy Shake is now ready to drink.

Enjoy and beat the heat with a Cherry Yoghurt Soy Shake !


Some Nutritional benefits of Soy Milk

Soy milk is a pure plant-based protein which is made by combining dried soy beans with water. Over the times, this super food beverages is favored by vegans and those intolerant to dairy products. And, apart from being a dairy-free drink, soy milk does come with a lot of health benefits and nutritional supplements.

Here are three nutritional benefits soy milk can offer:

  • Cholesterol Check-The high quality content of protein in soy milk helps in providing beneficial supplement to the body. Also, it benefits in lowering the risk of cholesterol and obesity. Replace your morning milk with LHF soy milk, it is one of the best soy milk brands in India. It is produced by using an advanced technology to extract soy milk from the beans which eliminates the bitter and beany taste commonly associated with soy milk products in the process.
  • Relief from Osteoporosis- Often known as brittle bones, osteoporosis can be cause due to loss of calcium in the body which may lead to developing bones disorder. Many people who cannot consume dairy products or calcium are at the higher risk of developing weak bones, thus the intake of soy milk which is fortified with calcium can work as a substitute to dairy milk. Opt for LHF soy milk as a breakfast drink to provide enough calcium to your body.
  • An antioxidant for the body- Soy milk has antioxidant properties which help in reducing oxidative stress. Our soy milk is made from the best soybeans and available in five different flavors: i.e. Original, Natural, Chocolate, Kesar Pista, and Malt. You can try LHF Soy Milk as a substitute for dairy milk with breakfast cereal, in coffee and tea, or in any food recipe.

Keeping these benefits in mind, opt for a healthy lifestyle by adding soy milk in your daily diet. Choose LHF soy milk, we are one of the best soy milk brands in the market.