Have You Not Yet Switched To “Plant-Based” Milk? Do It Now.

Breaking- fast in the morning with a ‘King-size meal’ is must to start a freshening healthy day and it would be completely incomplete sans drinking milk. Wait. Here, we must mention, “Plant-based” milk. Yes, many have ditched cow milk and switched to plant-based milk since So Good Almond Milk and So Good Protein+Soy milk have been flying off the shelves from super markets.

What do marketers say?

Over the last few years, markets are witnessed of decreasing the demand of Cow milk and instead, the rising of alternative milk or plant-based milk is capturing the market place. Be it super market, online grocery shopping site or organic store; the consumption of plant-based milk are leading the market and trending as well. According to Wall Street Journal News, plant-based milk is finding its spaces in Indian refrigerators.

Plant based milk comes with its super benefits:

In this millennial generation, plant-based milk is pleaser for health cautious consumers. Almond, Soy, Coconut milk are one on one substitute for cow milk. Non-diary milk is not only best for lacto-intolerant but also great in taste. Low amount in fat, rich in calcium and entirely vegan are few greatness of plant-based milk. No wonder, its consumption and popularity are reaching sky-high position. “SO GOOD” has been launched in the market to present a variety of plant-based milk which is definitely a healthy alternative to ‘Moo-Milk’.

So, non-dairy milk has other benefit

  1. Rich in vitamins
  2. Suitable for people with weak digestive system
  3. Do not contain cholesterol
  4. High in minerals
  5. Perfect balance of mono and polyunsaturated fat

Let’s roll our eyes on few “SO GOODplant-based milk products which are naturally unsweetened, immunity booster and less in calories, gluten free, lacto free and high in calcium.

1. So Good Almond Fresh: Being naturally nutritious, it contains high level of iron, vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. This one is digest friendly, food to your brain and your diet companion.

2. LHF Soy Milky Tender Coconut: Famous for coconut’s innumerable benefits, LHF Soy Milky Tender Coconut” boosts your immune system and is perfect for those who are on vegan diet regime.

3. So Good Protin+Soy Milk: You will be benefited with lots of protein at every sip. Non-diabetic and low in fat, SO GOOD Protin+Soy Milk can be substitute to Cow milk in cooking your favorite dessert.

Over the last few years, plant-based milk is becoming the nutritional necessity that nutritionist or dietician has been keeping it on the top of our regular diet list and instead of cow milk, plant-based milk has increased their acceptance and accessibility in Indian kitchen and overseas domestic as well.