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Here’s The Complete Breakdown To The Myths About Soy

Soy milk is considered as a nutritious dairy alternative. For those with lactose intolerant and vegan, it is more than a gem for them. Nutritionist experts have also shared the importance and the benefits of soy.

Soy has a high quantity of protein and essential nutrients which has been proven beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some myths about Soy and soy products which has been doing the rounds. To make it clear for our readers, here we thought you will love to know the complete breakdown to the myths about soy, the so-called super food.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the myths about Soy:

  • Soy does not contain enough protein: This is far from being a myth. Soybeans have a higher content of protein. They have a good source of essential amino acid, which is hard for the body to make. Do you know? One will get a good 22 grams of protein from a cup of cooked soybeans and a great 10.89 grams of protein from So Good Protein+ soy milk, which is one of the best soy milk brands in India. Thus, you can always opt for a glass of soy milk if you are a vegan and need your protein boost.
  • Soy causes breast cancer: There is a myth that soy can increase the levels of oestrogen, which is linked with ovarian and breast cancer. People started believing and it made them think twice before opting for food rich in soy or even soy milk for that matter. However, with studies, it was proven ‘Not True,’ which means eating soya beans or drinking soy milk cannot cause cancer. According to several studies, looking after the effect of eating soy on breast cancer, it has been found that consuming soy after diagnosis were less likely for cancer to come back. Therefore, the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research say that breast cancer patients can safely consume soy.
  • The soy phytoestrogens can have an effect on men: Another myth about the good old soybean is that, it was said to affect men and has raised concern about the oestrogen- like protein found in soy. It was also led to a misinformation that it could decrease the testosterone level. However, this case is simply irrelevant to those who eat in a moderate amount of tofu, soy milk, tempeh, and edamame. And according to studies, there was no significant effect on men’s testosterone level after consuming soy and soy products.

There you go, now you know the myths have been cleared, you can go home and consume soy milk or its products without having to worry about anything. If you are looking for one of the best soy milk brands, then you should definitely opt for our So Good Protein+ soy milk, it is packed with all calcium, essential nutrients and has 25% more protein than any regular soy milk.

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