Why plant-based milk is the best alternative to dairy milk?

Why plant-based milk is the best alternative to dairy milk? Here’s a guide to grow healthy with non-dairy milk.

Plant-based milks are seemingly available at every super market and flying off shelves since it enters the market. Plant-based milk, like, almond or soy milk is not just fortified with healthy nutrients but also comes with many flavoures, such as, Mango, Elaichi, Chocolate, Vanilla and so on.

Due to some health hazards, consumers likely make switch to vegan milk from all things dairy. Others may shift from dairy because they want to go for different taste or texture, also want more nutrition what dairy milks does not contain. Whatever the reason, consumers in various countries as well as in India, are choosing variety of plant-based milk over dairy based milk.

So, let’s go through some health-facts why plant-based milk is more beneficial than dairy milk.

1. Easy to digest:

Plant-based milk are perfect for those who suffer a lot from irritating bowel movement, allergies and headache due to consumption of dairy milk. Almond milk or soy milk is a healthy option for them to have in tea & coffee or in recipes or as direct from the carton. Not only digestive, these non -dairy milks contain essential vitamins & minerals too.

2. Lower in calories:

Many of people have refrained themselves from drinking dairy milk as it triggers high blood pressure and does not help maintain body weight. Being unsweetened & fat free, almond milk and soy milk are lower in calories than dairy milk and help you lose extra fat or maintain your existing weight. Though sugar-free, these plant-based milks are very satisfying to drink and can be used to make any mouth-watering recipe.

3. Strong & Healthy bones:

Almond milk and soy milk naturally contain lots of vitamins, magnesium, iron, protein, fibers. These milks are enriched with high calcium which is transported to bones and give you more strength & energy. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, teeth, keeping your nervous system calm and preventing from osteoporosis.

4. 100% lactose free:

Unlike dairy milk, plant-based milks are free of any sugar and contain the natural sugar found in nuts and seeds. Sugar(lactose) found in dairy milk can cause rise in glucose, allergies, intolerant abdomen and blood sugar problems whereas consumption of plant-based milk that is free from lactose naturally goes easy on your blood sugar.

5. IGF-1 free :

Dairy based milk contains natural hormones that stimulate a high increase of insulin at the time of consumption. That escalate the release of IGF-1(insulin growth factor) in the body. Study explained that IGF -1 cause acne due to it triggers excessive insulin in the body. Plant-based milk is free from these toxic substances and definitely makes a best alternative to dairy milk.

More and more people are consuming dairy-free milk over dairy based milk, and it occupies the space in every household’s refrigerator. Choose your plant-based milk and discover its best of benefits. You can walk your nearest market to pick up or buy online the nutritive plant-based milks.